Cancer Swag

Need a wig? Scarf or hat? Skin care for your sensitive, tender skin? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some wonderful companies that I have personally checked out, and love. 

Hats and Scarves


My favorite hat and scarf shop is Hats, Scarves & More . They have a wonderful selection of Young Adult headwear!! ( Read: Hard to find!!)

My favorite chemo beanie is this one (Pictured above) and my favorite summer scarves/hats for the summer are these and these.

Bonus: Your items will come gift wrapped and with a personal note. Where else can you find that kind of customer service?


I am a firm believer in TRYING ON wigs! Make an appointment with a reputable salon. These two have private consulting rooms where an employee, or if you’re lucky- owner, will assist you in finding the perfect style, color, and fit. That being said these two salons are in the Boston area.

1. PK Walsh

They’ve also got a great blog with hairloss advice, like The 5 Stages of Hair Loss Grief.


Here is my wig from PK Walsh. It’s 100% synthetic.

2. Salon at 10 Newbury


I’m on the left with my wig from Salon at 10 Newbury. It’s 100% real hair.

Things to remember when buying a wig:

– Bring a picture of what your hair looked like. It will help them get a feel for what you’re going for. When in doubt, show them your license.

– Curly wigs look fake. Always ( Believe me, I’m a former curly girl, and I’ve tried many curly wigs. The uniformity of the curls combined with the volume given to them always makes you look like a Texan cheerleader.)

– Real hair wigs look real… especially if they’ve been given a bit of an obmbre look to their ends. Most people have had more sun on the tips of their hair, and it’s therefor lighter.

– If you can’t afford a real hair wig, try one with half synthetic at a better price point.

– Have your oncologist write you a prescription for a hair prothesis. Wigs are usually covered by insurance, but check what the premium is.

– Have your wig styled and thinned. It will look more natural. Both salons that I’ve mentioned here do this for you automatically.

– Have your wig parted just like you parted your hair.

– Real hair wigs need to be styled, where as synthetic hair will bounce back to it’s style right after you wash it!

-Play around with your wig. Adding clips, wearing it half up, putting some waves in it all make it look more real.

Skin Care

Cinco Vidas is a wonderful all natural skin care company run by a young Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor. She has all sorts of wonderful products without harsh and harmful chemicals.

Just say “ahhhhh” when you spray her Rescue Relief Spray on your radiation burn or “mmmmmm” when you rub on this calming moisturizer specially formulated for dry, irritated skin from cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

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